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An analogue sci-fi scape taking a brief glimpse into the last days of a dilapidated alien world and its remaining inhabitants. Created using an experimental mix of rotoscoped Stop Motion Animation and 3D Printing Techniques.

How To Save The Fireflies

The film is about a woman named Andrea, who lives an autopilot lifestyle. She longs to escape from the same mundane routine, but she is too afraid of change as she becomes too comfortable staying in her little box. Suddenly, Andrea starts receiving signs that transport her to an alternate world where she gets reminded of how she used to be as a person and how choosing happiness and freedom can look like. The film uses the concept of Fireflies to symbolize one’s spark and freedom and in this film, the firefly tries to give her signs to change and guides her way out of her own misery.


In the not-too-distant future, when depression and loneliness are rampant in modern lifestyles, human limbs have been bent by the extreme use of technological tools, and their field of vision has been limited to the digital screen in front of them. A young man who leads a regular and repetitive life, accidentally notices the beauty of nature and tries to see it again in different ways…

Spirit Doll

When a fairy falls in love with a demon, the possessive nature of his love leads him to trap her soul and try to force her into a spirit doll so he can love her. She fleetingly escapes… but only to realize that she is not just trapped in a jar, but also trapped in a pattern of behavior.


Neerbhukhi, a demon by birth wishes to live like a human. But the villagers believe that their village, Barreshire is cursed with dearth of water due to Neerbhukhi, and outcast her. While she sadly longs to befriend them, she witnesses her effigy burnt as part of a sacrificing ritual.
In one such ritual, as the villagers parade to pray for water, a fairy appears out of the darkness. She plays flute and enchants the whole forest with her melodious music until her fairy mask falls off and the disguised Neerbhukhi gets revealed.
Chased and humiliated Neerbhukhi hides in a dry, abandoned well where she weeps her heart out. Her tears flood the well and gush out into waterfalls flooding the rivers.
Ever since the village has been blessed with water while it is believed that the demon is still crying inside the well.

Eastern romance

In a beautiful Nymph falls in love, a young man who will do anything for her. She uses it to fulfill her bloody whims. When a lover plucks his own Adam’s apple for her, he dies at her feet. A curse is imposed on the Nymph. They rot and sting her legs. She goes to the Witch with this, who explains to her that the only way to get rid of the spell is to kiss true love. The Nymph, to ease the pain, cools them down in a forest stream. While waiting for a new feeling to come, she realizes that she must first love herself.


Disordered is a frame-by-frame animation giving a second look to the idea of Entropy. Entropy means that everything becomes irregular, in contrast, the process of becoming irregular is a regular rule. To support this idea, I wanted to focus on the story of a plastic bottle from an artistic point of view. I wanted to show a single plastic bottle’s impact of butterfly effects. At the same time, I was inspired by Bob Dylan’s song called « The Times They Are A-Changin' » He is also the best-known artist related to social and political activism. So ı decided to create a subtitle with his lyrics to create a more poetic journey during the animation.

Tirello – Soap Bubbles

An egg coming from the prehistoric era suddenly finds itself in the present world. I introduce you Tirello, a baby tyrannosaurus.
Newborn Tirello meets a little girl, playful and judicious, who takes care of him. She takes him home and teaches him what a child, or a baby tyrannosaur, must learn to live in today’s world.
In the same house there are also a curious kitten, who often gets into trouble, and a friendly, naughty fly.
Tirello learns to wash his hands and enjoys himself.
His terrible predator instinct emerges sometimes but the little girl esaily tames Tirello.
The story gets to a surreal turning point that bring us to a fantasy world: giant soap bubbles take the characters in the air. Every adventure is an opportunity for Tirello to grow up.
At the end of the episode, all the characters come together in a convivial atmosphere.
The main theme of the cartoon deals with cooperation and friendship. There are no words. Only images and music tell the story of Tirello. The simplicity and immediacy of the content make this possible. Non-verbal communication makes this language directly comprehensible to a wide audience.
This is just the first episode of a mini-series called Tirello.

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