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Daghbaji (1885 – 1924) est un fellaga tunisien qui a rejoint la résistance nationale contre le colonisateur français pour la libération de la Tunisie, incarcéré et placé en cellule d’isolement, il souffre d’un trouble dissociatif de l’identité et fait l’objet de menaces et d’harcèlement de la part du commissaire Philippe Lauren. Il échafaude des plans pour se venger des traitements cruels et inhumains que lui fait subir celui-ci, mais sans y parvenir. Ses dernières heures se transforment en un véritable supplice mêlé d’amertume malgré tous les efforts déployés par sa compagne Messaouda pour l’en sortir. En plus du supplice personnel qu’il vit, Daghbaji est inquiet pour son pays et sa famille et déplore la guerre du sud tunisien, à la veille de son exécution.

My mother’s voice

I am not lost but angry through mom. I lost it. Confused by this experience, my feelings mark a subtle inner turning point in which I find myself in a sort of interrogation with myself, having only the unconscious and absolute representation that has become my ultimate place of safety. Are my memories real? Or is it just a movie that I made up for myself? Isn’t what I have become just a multitude of scrambled voices that are not mine and that shaped me? I am telling you about my constraint, the liberation of which is more and more difficult.

honor belt

The Belt of Honor is a documentary film that tells the story of Fathi, who lived both things. When he was excluded from the Olympics after a struggle. And challenges and difficulties in life that got him out of a hero. Fathi tells us his experience at the Tokyo 2022 Olympics, in which he decided to withdraw from the Israeli confrontation. This is in order to support the Palestinian cause. Will this eliminate Fathi passion?

Tunis Syndrome

Tunis Syndrome is an urban symphony that traces the story of an anonymous photographer so fascinated by his city that it has become his obsession. A docu-fiction that sheds light on the current state of colonial architecture in the city of Tunis.

Summer, City and a Camera

Summer 2021, in Damascus city, some young emerging directors roamed the city’s streets to follow their dreams and shoot their first movies with the simplest available tools. so, the city would open her arms and hug them day and night with her streets and neighborhoods.


« Mkawda » is a short-documentary film based on a sound experience which takes place in Algiers. The performer, Souad Douibi, takes us on a journey through the streets of a sick city in the aim of consultation purposes.

The Nomad Lines

It is the meeting, 2 radically different generations and yet a unique adventure. Nothing predestined the meeting of Yannick and Tom but this winter will have created an incredible bond between them and their adventure in Kazakhstan in the spring will have been incredible. From the high snow-capped peaks of the Tian Shan to the steppes and desert of Kazakhstan, a unique odyssey in Central Asia. Skiing, encounters, memories, unique…


A crowded day in cairo streets to deeply see the randomness in driving the Traffic chaos , and disagreements between drivers in the way they deal with there own problems in traffic and other stuff in a comedy way.

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