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120 KM

Director : Waseem Khair

Country : Palestine

Synopsis :

In 2015, Palestinian artists Osama Atwa and Waseem Khair travel to Lebanon for an artistic tour in the refugee camps and in Beirut, Waseem, coming from an area under Israeli authority, and Osama, coming from an area under Palestinian authority, both arrive to the refugee camps in Lebanon despite the Israeli authority`s prohibition from travelling there after it occupied the land of Palestine in 1948, deserted it`s people, banned them from returning to their land, and banned the minority that stayed in from meeting them.
The tour of three weeks was enough for them to find themselves in a place that resembles them, and to create many questions, Confuses and contradictions.
They both can`t realize how a small land area of Lebanese land becomes home to them.
After finishing the tour they go back to Palestine, and a new journey begins, facing trials and Israeli Interrogation rooms because of a visit not further than 120 km between two countries.
Their artistic tour costs them 20 months in Israeli imprisonment.

Beirut After 40

Director : Anthony Merchak

Country : Lebanon

Synopsis :

The capital Beirut that is known for being the second city in the world that does not sleep after New York; New York for work and Beirut for its night life
On the 4th of August also, Beirut scored a second place but this time for the second biggest non-nuclear explosion in the world.
On that day at 6:07 pm everything changed in Beirut’s history and Anthony’s life, as he was few meters from the explosion. Anthony describe in this documentary his personal experience accompanied with real footage that will be shown for the first time.

La Terre est à Nous

Director ; Raoua Hanzouli

Country : Tunisia

Synopsis :

Mohamed est un sdf artiste et non voyant. Sa vie est une mélodie de rêve et de passion. Le film est un voyage vers cet univers à travers les pas vagabond de Mohamed et sa voix toujours libre.

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