Catégorie dans Film Fiction


Director : Mohamed Sadek El-Shaer

Country : Egypt

Synopsis :

A guy is looking for a way to commit suicide in the most impossible scenario. He becomes obsessed with the idea of taking a leap down the Flat Earth’s end. So, he takes (Basiony), the teddy bear with him along the journey. He encounters situations that do not prove nor deny the truth of his journey. Not until he reaches his salvation. With losing his teddy bear, he’s taken aback and growing apathetic.


Director : Laith Al Ramahi

Country : Palestine

Synopsis :

This movie is about a programmer named Sanad, he’s a normal guy who lives a normal dull life and discovers by chance that one of the games he used to play when he was little is actually a tool to discover the past, the present and the future. Sanad is surprises by all this and tries to use this new thing in a good way, but what will he do when he sees the end of the world we live in, and realises that he’s the reason of the world ending, him and the company who are trying to recruit him for a long time? Will he stop himself from changing the world, or will he fulfil his destiny despite everything?


Director : Kamel Harb

Country : Lebanon

Synopsis :

A dream of escaping the cruel reality they’re living in boarding school,takes the boys far with their thoughts and plans.Only one obstacle is threatening them,a mountain that stands high in the face of their will.


Director : Hady Bitar

Country : Lebanon

Synopsis :

Laila, a fifteen year old teenager, is abandoned by her family after being
raped while training in oriental dance. Dancing becomes the focus of her
work, but she soon discovers the hidden secrets of working in a cabaret.
On one night, the memories of the past return to the life of the dancer,
and she decides to end her suffering through a vengeance dance that
relieves her pain.


Director : Zakaria Nouri

Country ; Morocco

Synopsis :

Outskirts of the town, at a traditional house, Aicha, a 26-year-old woman leads a monotonous lifestyle.
During the day, she does household chores and cares for her elderly mother who is sick and bedridden. In the evening, Aicha leaves
home and waiting to cross the path of a possible lorry driver.


Director : Youcef Debbihi

Country : Algeria

Synopsis :

Bleakness is the story of Youssra the owner of clothing boutique and Adam consulting expert. living a normal life,while planning a date at night they take a life change discussion.

White Night

Director Issam Taachit

Country : Algeria

Syopsis :

The events of the movie take place at the top of the high Aures Mountains and precisely in one of the tall Atlantic cedar trees. in those mountains and in the cold winter, when snow covers all the place, with light winds, the snow masses that accumulate on the tree fall, to roll on the mountain until it reaches the bottom, In front of a warm house ,it is divided into three balls forming a snowman, some beautiful events happen with a snowman and a girl in that house, for that nature do its last .

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