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After his grandmother’s death when he was a child, a diener, who began watching his family sleeping, is both afraid and interested in numbness and death. He matches characters in books he has read to the dead faces he sees every day. He begins to think that he can only purify himself through recording them. He almost needs the dead to live. As he listens to the radio programme about literature presented by a woman working at a library he visits, he gradually begins to get closer to her. He is torn between the long-standing rigidity and the charm and liveliness that he cannot resist. For the first time he gets curious about the life of a living person, but where will this curiosity…


Roger, a beloved basketball coach, is on his way to work, proudly carrying a chocolate box announcing the birth of his baby boy. His trip is disrupted when he witnesses a horrific act of violence on the street. He observes without intervening from the safety of the pavement; not attempting to help.
Roger’s descent into shame begins there. As he navigates between his students and colleagues, accepting their congratulations and offering them chocolates, the guilt deepens. Each encounter brings a new update on the victim’s condition, the incident is all over the news. By the first training of the day Roger is a crushed man terrified to face the teenagers who idolize him.


1943. The Free Zone of France is invaded by the Germans. Ya l, little Jewess, is hidden by the husband of her piano teacher, Fernand Bertin. Knowing that he couldn’t keep her for long,
Fernand asks for help Claude, a smuggler whom he has known for a long time, in order to take the little girl in Switzerland. A race against the clock then commits, for the benefit of the survival of the group…


414 is a dramatic film that deals with several social issues. The events of the film revolve around a young man and a young woman recklessly falling in love with blindness and being dragged by them to the occurrence of the girl in an unexpected pregnancy. The maze of street life finds himself fighting in life’s extreme wars of survival.

Between Gaza and my eyes

After spending his day as usual in Gaza City, he returns to his room to write down his diary ,and pictures himself in other times other rules different than the ones that he lives by, Trying to solve the mystery of his multi-conflict city, when he is gone to bed, his soul visits him to face the truth.
« To be the only value to human is resistance »


Aycha and Elyes, a young married couple, both live moments of loneliness and helplessness. Aycha
discovers that her husband is hiding things from her and is starting to have suspicions. And decide to
follow him. Her research inevitably leads her to a face-to-face meeting with her husband, who ends up
revealing an unexpected truth.

To The Soul

Israa’s (21 years old) aunt dies, and as a religious procedure, a specialist should wash her body. However, the woman who is specialized in washing women bodies traveled a religious trip so the father tries to convince Israa to wash the aunt’s body but she roughly refuses in the beginning. Hawraa, 14 years old, Israa’s sister, reacts positively and considers it an expression of love for the kind aunt. The two girls deals with the situation for the first time, so the father guides them, each reacting in a different way to the situation.

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